Innovative ideas

Our web development team, at iCreatewebtech, makes ideas by having a direct consultation with you. To have the best decision, we ask you questions on

  • The major purpose behind your website
  • Data that you want to present
  • Your goals for developing the site - Sharing information or earning more?
  • Targeted visitors for your site

Planning for your website

At this step, we create a map for your website and develop a list to reveal all the major parts of the platform. It helps us in understanding what we should add to your site to make it highly consistent and smoothly navigable. We also recognize the technologies that we have to use for web development project.


Web design with attractive elements

We use all our collected information to decide on look of your website. Our designers add various elements, including your company logo, to make your brand identity stronger. The brand of your company has a significant role to play in this process because our designers have a goal of expressing your ideas visually through the design.


Web development with right tools

If you have approved our design, we start the major project of developing your website. We find out the graphic components from our prototype so that we can develop the most functional and effective site. Moreover, we distribute the content, videos and other elements throughout your website. If you need adjustment, you may request us to do so.


Website testing

Before your site is launched on the online world, we view at every detail. We check whether there is a problem of compatibility with web browsers, like Firefox. Our team also ensures that there is no broken element in the design. Overall, we want to make sure that your website is perfectly developed to give you a clear view to the viewers.


Launching the website

After getting the final approval, we take step to launch your website. However, if you receive any negative comment from users, you may report it to us immediately. We fix the faulty links and make other changes to give you the desired outcome.


Constant maintenance

To make your website fresh and effective, you have to keep in touch with our team. We maintain the content and various aspects of your site. Our maintenance solution also allows you to gain more visitors regularly. We are pleased to deal with you for updating the data on the site.

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